Why Does Red Meat Lose Its Colour When Defrosting? Is It Still OK To Eat?


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When meat is defrosted after freezing the red colour is lost or turns brown. This probably happens due to a lack of oxygen or storage foe abnormally long time. It could also happen due to freezer burn. The change of colour also depends upon the variety of meat. Meat loses its moisture during defrosting. It is absolutely fine to eat thawed meat. There are certain things that you should remember before you eat this meat. The following things will help you find out whether your thawed meat is safe for consumption or not.

Observe the packaging of the meat. If the meat package is torn when under refrigeration, just rewrap the package if you want to refreeze it. It is still safe to eat. Then, smell the meat. If it does not smell normal then throw the meat. Cook the meat as soon as you defrost it completely.
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