If I Have Frozen Meat And I Thaw It Out, Is It OK To Refreeze The Meat?


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Definitely, you can refreeze cooked pork for future usage. But make sure that the temperature of the freezer stays high, as it would get rotten if not frozen on proper temperature. It will be okey as long as it is freezed. However, avoid using too old frozen and cooked pork as it can cause stomach problems like food poisoning.
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Yes! Just seal it for the freezing air!
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I have a freezer and it became unplugged for some reason, the meat thawed enough to bleed.  I froze it all again, will it be safe to eat, if I eat it right away once it is thawed again?
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Thawed meat can only be in the danger zone (over 40 degrees F) for up to four hours total. If it is off refrigeration for only an hour or two then re-frozen, you should be OK. Bacteria does not grow on frozen meat, only when it is off refrigeration and above 40 degrees. Keep in mind that it can be only four hours total, so if it was thawed before for two hours, bacteria has started, then frozen, then the bacteria will start growing again after thawing, so you would only have two hours left to cook it or refrigerate it again. Meats in the refrigerator should not be stored for more than seven days, three days is the limit for restaurant use.

The proper and safest way to do what you are doing is to portion the steaks as soon as you get home when they are thawed, then freeze then in individual portions instead of freezing the whole thing then thawing the whole thing and then packaging them.
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It's not healthy. There's bacteria that grows on the meat when it is refrozen and you can get a disease from doing that.
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If it was frozen this morning(pork loin) and took it out of the refrigerator to thaw, how long will it last un-thawed on the counter.
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I cooked a pork tenderloin, ate some, froze the rest. I thawed today and still only used 1/2 of it - can I re-re freeze what's left ??

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