How Long Can You Wait To Cook Meat That Was Frozen And Then Thawed?


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Thawed in firdge, you can wait 2days, if thawed and then put in fridge the same day can wait around 2days, the only reason its best to thaw in the fridge is so it doesn't cause those yuckie things to happen to meat, remember steak has already been aged for 14 to 21 days before it ever hits the supermarket... Thats just what they do to it, I would let thaw in fridge to thaw if chicken or ham or turkey takes around 3 days to thaw, steak a day or so, pork same chicken also a day or two, it can remain in fridge for a couple of days before you need to cook it, the only reason ground meat looks brown is because of light. If brown after thawed in the fridge but has went from market to freezer then to thaw in fridge it should be fine, depends on the fat. I always buy ground round. It cost more but better for you.

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