What Are Canapés?


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Canapé is a name given to a quick snack. In Italy it is generally known as Tartine. It is small in size and are already made and moreover hors Doeuvres and because of their small size they are usually eaten in one small bite. And this is mainly because they are served with cocktail in order to make the dinners to drink more. It can also be called finger food, but not all finger food are canapés. Usually and traditionally, canapés are made up from stale white bread, and then are cut into thin slices and are also shaped with a knife.

They can be in various shapes such as circles, squares, rings, strips or triangles. And these bread slices are then finely served after deep frying and sautéing. They are finely garnished and decorated. These are usually garnished with finely chopped vegetables, scallions and herbs as well. Volau Vent is another name given to canapés, or one of its kinds.It is usually baked and after baking it is filled and topped with a sweet sauce.
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You can also make canapes by using toast but my advice is if you are serving canapes with a wet or soggy topping to butter the toast (wait until the toast is completely cool first) my favorite canape is tomato and basil with a little olive oil (a bit like bruchetta ) but smaller they look well impressive and colorful and can be the talking point to a party but there is no limitations what you can use some people use tuna, salmon or even just a nice cheese whatever you use make sure its presented nice

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