What's Another Word For Finger Food? I'm Trying To Word My Engagement Invites And Worry That Some People Might Not Understand 'Canapes' - But 'Finger Food' Seems Too Cheap. (I Just Want People To Know There'll Be Some Nibbles, But Not A Full Meal.)


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There are actually quite a few different terms you can use instead of “finger food”, so don’t panic. You can use a general umbrella term if the food isn’t from any particular cuisine, or you can get a bit more specific if it’s Spanish or French or something.

General Alternatives To “Finger Food”
  • Appetizers
  • Light buffet
  • Nibbles
  • Canapes
  • Mixed platters
Cuisine-Specific Alternatives To “Finger Food”
  • Tapas – Spanish food
  • Antipesto – Italian food
  • Amuse-bouche – French food
  • Meze – Turkish or Mediterranean food
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Anonymous answered
You could use 'tapas' since that is appetizer-like portions.
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Hors d'oeuvres.

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