What Is A Good Meal To Cook For 35 People?


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For something inexpensive try a pasta casserole.
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Is this a formal dinner or just a plain get together.
Start out with a mixed salad and/or soup
roast beef and grilled chicken and mixed veggies of carrots and peas or small red new potato
bread or rolls
somekind of cake or pie  or    www.foodnetwork.com   this is the television network that all the creative chefs are.

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My family gets together every year & goes to the beach. We only cook 1 day while we are there - we cook for everyone on that one day, so the rest of the week we can relax :) We have 27 adults, 5 babies, 2 kids under 5 & 7 young adults going - so I figured if I count on cooking for 35, that would be about perfect. Someone is already doing bbq, hot dogs/steamers, chili & possibly tacos. Thanks for the help!!!!
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Or another site is www.kraftfoods.com or www.pepperidgefarms.com usually when i am in a rut which is almost everyday i go to these websites. In fact you can sign on with them and they will send you a recipe a day. Oh better yet go to www.campbellskitchen.com have fun!!!

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