What is an easy meal to cook that looks very impressive?


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Carl Green answered
Unfortunately every man is impressed by meat these days.
A vegan or vegetarian option would be much more appealing though. I didn't always so no to meat, so I know why it can be enjoyable, but I have really started getting in shape since laying off the meat, and the ethical side of it is compelling.
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Yo Kass answered

Sushi is pretty easy to make once you get the hang of it, and people always seem impressed by it.

I like to cook up dishes that are 'quirky or unusual', and I find people seem impressed by the following things:

1. Unusual ingredients

2. Sounds exotic

3. Tastes great

Right now, I'm really into seafood and fresh fish, so if I had to make a recommendation, I'd go for involtini di pesce spada - a Sicilian dish that consists of rolls of swordfish in a marinade that is heavy on the lemon juice and sugar. Yum!

And it ticks all the boxes: Sounds exotic if you pronounce it right, contains a fairly unusual ingredient, and it's delicious!

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