Is Ready To Cook Meal Kit beneficial? Has any one tried it?


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Too much sodium! Sadly, the food industry has developed many procedures to treat and process food, whether to enhance its flavor or color or to standardize and preserve it. People are accustomed to eating food that has been altered in one way or another. From my own experience I found that home cook meals are way better and healthier!

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Nirav Sawant answered

The Fast life of people in today's time hardly leaves any time for cooking or any other household task. Every work is expected to be done at a snap of a finger to save on time. Deciding and then cooking a meal takes sufficient time and hence in order to cut on time, easy to prepare a meal kit comes handy. In this, the recipe and its ingredients are provided in proper quantity which solves more than half of the cooking task. You can check out iChef for such kits and select your choice from the range of options available.

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