What is the most adventurous or complicated meal you've ever cooked, and how did it turn out?


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Recently I have been partaking in mission beach body, so I had been scoping the internet for healthy but filling meals that were actually interesting. I found this one recipe called skinny spaghetti from a blog which I love and decided to make it myself.

I wrote about it on my blog, and the recipe which I altered if you wanted to browse http://uniandonward.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/a-slim-chili-please-looks-so-wrong-but.html

So it's basically, Chili on a bed of cabbage, which I am aware sounds horrendous. But it was actually amazing. Literally, I would really commend it. It's meant to be like a spicier, healthier version of spaghetti bolognese . The cabbage once boiled literally tastes of nothing, similar to pasta, underneath the meaty chili.

I was very impressed with it and I fully recommend it! I had never made chili before so to me that was kinda adventurous. Try it!

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Laura Cremona
Laura Cremona commented
haha indeed. Well if i go to Italy I shall keep it quiet!
Kathryn Wright
Kathryn Wright commented
This sounds perfect for me. I'm trying to by have carbs, well mainly wheat based carbs so I'm going to give this a try. Thanks Laura.
Lily Bradic
Lily Bradic commented
That sounds great, thanks! I always try to keep my carb intake down if I can (if I make bolognese, I eat it without spaghetti anyway!) so I'll have to try your cabbage suggestion. I can really see that working, but I'd never have thought of it!
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I am alway trying my hand at different recipes trying to pretend that I am Gordon Ramsay. 

I am quite clearly nothing like him, and my cooking likewise.  However, every now and then I make my family sit through a new concoction of random things, which they endure.  Unfortunately they are brutally honest and shatter my dreams until the next time!

One successful recipe I have made, actually, is a Jamie Oliver recipe from his 30 minute meals (which should actually be called 30 minute meals if you have every electrical item under the sun and have prepared everything first, otherwise it is more like 1 hour) and it was really tasty. 

It was his Smoky Haddock Corn Chowder.  I had to buy all sorts of things I didn't have in my fridge and it took me ages to prepare, but it really was delicious and if you are looking for a new recipe then you should try it.

Basically, it is smoked Haddock, Bacon and Prawns all in a chowder mixed with corn, potatoes, herbs served with Matzo crackers.


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