Do You Know History Of Canapes?


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A canape is a cracker or a small slice of bread cut in various shapes and garnished with savory foods, such as cheese, meat, purees or relish.

The origin of the word canape is very curious. In ancient Greece, a 'konops' was name of mosquito. They used to hang curtains around a couch to keep mosquitos away and they named it a 'konopion'.  The Romans also adapted this word as 'conopeum' and from there makes its way into Middle English as 'canope' as the name for the curtain, and eventually it was spelled canopy.

The French used the word 'canapé' for the couch, rather than a curtain. Some people thought a piece of toast topped with a savory food looked like a couch (canape) and hence the word took on an additional meaning and we have borrowed the word into English.
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Yeah some guy took a cup of peas and some water and put em in a can.  So that's the story on a can a peas.

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