How Do You Mail Baked Goods?


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Shezan Shaikh answered
One of the most important things while mailing baked goods is that, they should be properly packed inside an inner box. Once that is done you need to pack it well inside a second outer mailing box. Wrap all foods in an aluminium foil or in any for of plastic before sealing them in the mailing box. You can also put a cushion of crumbled newspaper or you can apply paper towels inside the box. Once your baked goods are properly packed, make sure you write the proper mailing address on the mailing box.
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Rolls and breads can be wrappped tightly in plastic wrap and cushioned in a sturdy box. Brownies are best shipped tightly wrapped in disposable foil pans. As long as it's not extremely hot, they should all be fine. If you choose to ship them frozen, use sturdy boxes lined with styrofoam insulation and packed with disposable or reusable ice packs. One option is to charge a small deposit to cover your styrofoam boxes and ice packs unless they are returned to you. Otherwise just add it in to your shipping charges. 

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