I Need A Picture Of A Disco Ball Cake, Can You Help?


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If you want to learn how to make a disco ball cake, then you have come to the right place!

I've posted a simple recipe below, but the main thing you need to get right is the shiny disco ball tiles. The mirror tiles are actually grey fondant with silver luster dust sprinkled on it, so not as difficult or tricky as they look!

Here's the steps you need to follow:

  • Melt some sugar mixed with clear corn syrup in the microwave.
  • While it is still hot, colour the mixture with silver dust and pour the mixture into a brownie mold (or similar) which is a mold of 24 squares and easily obtainable.
  • Once they are set just unmold!
  • To get the triangular pieces to put on the top and bottom of the ball, unmold pieces when they are still hot and cut them with a sharp knife.

Here is a video which will help you bake the cake correctly, from start to finish:

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