What Are Bad Carbohydrates?


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Bad carbohydrates are basically the ones which taste the best ! Generally, they are the sugary, refined carbohydrates which are found in chocolate, biscuits, cakes, sweets and white flour and rice.
Processed and refined pastas, flour and rice are all pretty 'naughty' carbohydrates as well.
This is due to the refining process, which actually removes the vast majority of vitamins and minerals from the foods. This results in the foods having the effect of sugar when they hit the bloodstream.
They deliver a real sugar 'hit' (which is why many of us are so fond of them) and they cause blood glucose disturbances. Then after the high of the sugar wears off, we then crave the same hit again, so want more of these types of carbohydrates. In extreme cases, this can lead to mood swings.
Even worse, any excess bad carbohydrates are stores as fat in the body, leading to us putting on weight, particularly around the stomach and middle.
So they are pretty bad in nutritional terms !
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I'm not sure that it helps to call them good or bad. Too many of any kind of carbohydrates will make us gain weight. The more processed the food, the worse it is for us in terms of carbohydrates. The closer to it's natural state, the better the food is for you. So whole grains are less processed then those in white bread for example. The less processed the food, and food where no extra sugar is added makes the body work harder to access the sugar in it. This is better for us. Our bodies evolved to work best on foods that haven't been processed at all. That's why raw is usually better, unless it's meat or just too tough to eat. That's why whole grains that haven't had the outsides taken off through processing is better

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