What Are The Importance Of Carbohydrates In Our Body?


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(1) the supply of energy: Heat production per gram of glucose 16 kJ (4 kcal), the human intake of carbohydrates in the body after digestion into glucose or other simple sugars to participate in the metabolism. Each person the proportion of carbohydrate diet does not provide a specific number of nutrition experts believe that China's total heat production of carbohydrates heat 60-65% suitable. Usual intake of carbohydrates, mainly polysaccharides, in rice, flour and other staple foods were higher intake of carbohydrates at the same time, access to proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and other nutrients. The intake of sugar, such as single-or double sugar, cane sugar, in addition to supplement the heat, we should not add other nutrients.
(2) constitute the cells and tissues: Each cell has a carbohydrate, its content of 2% -10%, mainly glycolipids, glycoprotein and proteoglycan form of the distribution in the thin meninges, organelle membrane, cytoplasm, and the interstitial cells.
(3) save the protein: Carbohydrate food shortage, the body had to use the protein to meet the body's energy requirements for the activities, which will affect the body's synthesis of new proteins with the protein and tissue renewal. Therefore, we do not eat the staple food, only eat meat is not appropriate, because meat contains very little carbohydrate, so that the organization will use the proteins the body heat production, the body no good. Therefore, patients or patients with diabetes lose weight a minimum intake of carbohydrate not less than 150 grams of staple food.
(4) to maintain the normal function of brain cells: Glucose is to maintain the normal function of the brain essential nutrients, when the blood sugar concentration falls, the brain tissue may be due to lack of energy Er Shi impaired brain cell function, resulting in dysfunction and dizziness, palpitations , a cold sweat, and even coma.
(5) anti-ketone body formation: When the body lacks carbohydrates, the lipids can be broken down for energy, while producing ketones. Lead to high blood ketone acid card.
(6) Detoxification: Carbohydrate metabolism can produce glucuronic acid, glucuronic acid and toxins from the body (such as: Drug bilirubin) combined with further detoxification
(7) to strengthen bowel function: The dietary fiber related. Such as: Prevention and treatment to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and other colon and rectal cancer prevention and treatment.
Other: Carbohydrates, protein and sugar in a lubrication proteoglycan. In addition it can control the permeability of thin meninges. And is some of the synthetic precursor of biological macromolecules, such as purine, pyrimidine, cholesterol and so on.
[Edit this paragraph] physiological function
The main physiological function of carbohydrates:
1, constitutes an important body substances;
2, to provide heat;
3, the maintenance of brain function necessary for energy;
4, regulate fat metabolism;
5, provide dietary fiber.
[Edit this paragraph] Health Effects
The lack of carbohydrate diet will lead to general weakness, fatigue, lower blood sugar levels, resulting in dizziness, palpitations, brain function disorders. In severe cases, can cause low blood sugar coma.
When too much carbohydrate diet, they will translate into fat stored in the body makes too much which led to all kinds of diseases such as obesity, high blood lipids, diabetes.
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