Is there legal evidence of the legal status of coca tea in the US?


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Yes there is.First look in the importation of products into the u.s.a.,you will see  tea,first of all.Secound,look into the office of dea,office of diversion,it all  depends on the alkaloid content..Third,unless you have axcess and about 2,000 dollers to spend have a lab test the tea,see if there is any alchohol in that coca tea,there will NOT BE,because it is tea,not cocaine.Cocaine has 42 different ingredient added to  the coca to make it cocain.chlorhydrate.That is truly the cocaine that is the white powdery crap,the one that has SCREWED HONEST PEOPLE FOR DECADES.THE ONE THAT OUR OWN GOVERMENT  is not smart enough to tell the difference,and simple don't CARE IF 1,000 PEOPLE LOOSE THERE LIFE OVER A CUP OF TEA.It  is legal in the u.s.a.,and if purchase in the u.s.a. It usually is decocanized,however the unit of measure south america uses and the u.s. Uses are different.Also you need to understand people loose there job for a metabolite,not the drug,because the drug is not present!Also the unit of measure are urine test use is ,now pay attention,cause this will blow your mind,You are being tested,first for not the drug itself,but a metabolite,secound,it is 1/1 billionth,billionth,of a gram.Billionth,people lives are being destroyed for a munit ,miniscule amout of a metabolite.Someone has got to implore the u.s, to see reason in this debate.It is completely unjust for anyone to loose there job,there life,there freedom,there home,for a cup of tea.The rule is more idiotic then the cup of tea itself,it must be changed,or more babies will be taken from mothers,the poppy seed thing,more unemployement,more injustice and miscarriage of justice will be forced down our throats.Is that america ???God I hope not.God put this natural product on this earth,man made it into something evil,but what about us folks who use it in the traditional form,why should our freedom be destroyed,can anyone answer that???mw

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