Name the types of doughs that produce a hamburger bun, a kaiser roll, and cinnamon raisin bread? Baking


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The dough used is a general bread dough that is adapted to either be sweet or savory.

When it comes to dough, you must remember that there is a general procedure for creating the dough - there are only small changes made during the recipe and process in order to adapt the dough for different recipes.

  • Hamburger dough can be versatile

For instance, a hamburger dough is just a lighter bread dough. It's really easy to make the dough if you know what you're doing and ensuring that you sieve the flour properly, using the right kind of flour and not too much yeast (you don't want the bread to be too heavy) then you will have the perfect hamburger bun dough.

  • Making a kaiser roll

You should heat the amount of water you need to use until it's just luke warm, and then put your all-purpose flour into a bowl. You'll need sugar, salt and instant yeast blended into the mixture as well. You should then start slowly adding the warm water to the mixture, and then slowly add the burger and the egg. You should mix the mixture for roughly two minutes. Then, add more water if you feel that the dough is a little lumpy for your taste. Do this until it's smooth.

Then butter the bowl you're going to use and let the dough rise in the bowl. Wait for the dough to double in size, which should take roughly an hour. Then start the normal kneading procedure and divide into the right sized pieces and flatten the pieces into equal circles.

Next, you will need to fold in the left part of the circle to form a sort of flap on the bread. Then fold in the right part of the circle to the middle to create another flap. Do this will all four of the sides and make all of the flaps overlap. Cover with egg and bake.

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