Why does ice cream make me feel sick to my stomach? I love ice cream, but almost every time after I eat it I feel sick to my stomach. I don't get why this happens? Is there a way to help it without giving it up?


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Arthur Wright answered
Sounds like lactoose intolerant here so you may have to give up dairy products including ice cream
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D. Woodard answered
Like all the others said, you may be lactose intolerant.  But there are other solutions to your ice cream dilemma if you just can't pull away from this sweet treat.  First, you can try to find out if anyone sells ice cream made of all-natural ingredients (that you can pronounce) like organic milk.  Second you can switch to non-dairy ice cream; WHOLE FOODS stores have a variety of ice cream made form oats, rice, almond and coconut milks (might be available at your local grocery store too).  Last, you can make your own, that way you'll know what's in it and it might even be better than the store bought kind.
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You are probably lactose and tolerant. Hope this helps :)
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It sounds like you are allergic to ice cream I would go see the doctor and ask them if you feel sick to the stomach after eating something don't eat it as you will make yourself ill
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Eleanor jones answered
If it is dairy ice cream you are probably intolerant to the lactose but if so should feel ill with other dairy foods. Try Swedish Glaze ice cream . It is vegan and very very nice too.
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Mariah osley answered
Before paying the doctor a visit, you should probably try to keep away from Ice cream and dairy products for a while, and then eat an ice cream. If you still have the same problems you should probably see a doctor...

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