I don't like coffee ice cream in Otis selection today, so this is to give everyone a chance to tell their own favourite ice cream...which I give photo below and so help me these people better give us all free ice cream for life for the free advertising?


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Jann Nikka answered

Hippy's choice. Plain Chocolate.

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Phish Food by Ben and Jerry's or Lemon Custard by Superior Dairy.

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Anna Levi answered

My favourite is Carte D'or Praline :)

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Virginia Lou
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Dear Anna Levi,
This looks so good...I went to their website, looks like they are in UK...maybe you are too! Wish we could get this here in Washington State, I suppose not...
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otis campbell answered

For me blue bell pumpkin pie should be in season soon

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Levi F. answered

Hard to choose. I love rocky road, mint chip, vanilla with chocolate chips (stracciatella), and spumoni. I'll go with a pic of rocky road though:

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Didge Doo answered

Vanilla, especially if it's choc coated.

Immediately following WWII one company introduced ice cream bombs -- an ordinary cone coated with chocolate to suggest a mushroom cloud. Talk about lack of good taste (in either sense).

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Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
We still called it shell chock in those days. Of course, there was the euphoria about the war having ended and us being winners instead of losers, so sensitivities at the time were pretty raw.
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
Oh...that is so true, Dozy, certainly so - the euphoria!
Virginia Lou
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For about twenty years of my adulthood, I still had my parents, and I asked them questions...and I am convinced we cannot judge that era of WWII and just after...how close the Allies came to losing...the psychological impact of that on people.

Even having a baby like I was, maybe six months old VJ...what my own parents went through, for example, living on the US West Coast in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.
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Skip Gentry answered

Blue Bunny butter pecan is my favorite.

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Virginia Lou
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Skip Skip, Blue Bunny is an Iowa company as I learned when I lived there...but we do get their ice cream here in WA State!

Butter pecan oh so so good...they also have a lovely chocolate, and a natural vanilla no additives very good.
Skip  Gentry
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Virginia, I'm glad you have it there. It's funny how you read peoples answers and some you've never even heard of.
Virginia Lou
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Ha ha yes, I noticed that...it's funny and fun too...I look up some of the ice cream companies I never heard of, and learn things enjoying it too...

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