Which one is the best liqueur for a beginner? Brandy , gin , vodka , whiskey or rum?


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You must always drink in moderation, it is a problem in the uk with teenagers getting drunk out of thier minds at weekends,putting them in danger,
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You could go with Bacardi Puerto Rican rum, it's a very good choice for beginners because it's not that strong and yet it still has a great taste.
Or you can also try Buchanan's scotch whiskey, it doesn't have the same kick as a stronger whiskey, but still retains the same flavor.
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catherine adams
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Whskey of course and try a double malt, it costs big bucks and is as smooth as silk might feel to the skin, you can linger over it and the Scots might even play the bagpipes to cheer it down, and Hey when these men swing their chassis in the skirts, well that's a sight to remember...
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Hahaha! That's funny Catherine!
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Vodka! :D
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Hello friend ,these drinks r so dangerous ,if you drink these you will get addicted to them, as a friend I said,take care.

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