How Do You Make Jello Sliders With Alcohol?


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Jell-O® Shooters (Sliders)
You can use almost any liquor - vodka or tequila, or flavored liqueurs to contrast with the Jell-O® flavors. Suggestions are pineapple Jell-O® with chilled Malibu Rum to make Tropical Shooters or cherry Jell-O® with Everclear.
To make shots, follow the first steps of the Jell-O® recipe as noted on the box, boiling the water and dissolving the packaged mix in it. When adding the cold liquid, substitute an alcoholic beverage (about 80 proof) or 1/4 of the amount. If the recipe on the box calls or two cups cold water, use 1 1/2 cups cold water and 1/2 cup alcohol.
Another recipe is to use a small box of gelatin, mixing the powder with 1 cup boiling water to dissolve, then stirring in 1 cup cold Everclear instead of the cold water amount called for in the directions. To make the shots less potent, reduce the Everclear amount and make up for it in chilled water.
If you are using an alcoholic beverage lower than 60 proof or higher than 100 proof, you will have to change the alcohol-water ratio. Too much alcohol and the Jell-O® will have trouble setting.
Pour the liquid into shot glasses and refrigerate until it gels or fill small 1 1/2-inch diameter paper candy cups with a turkey baster, then chill for four hours. They may be served topped with whipping cream.

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