What Is A Slurpee?


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Premiering in 1965, the brightly coloured, sweet-tasting slushy drink is 7-Eleven's signature product, named from the sound that it made when slurped through a straw. A combination of water, carbon dioxide, and flavoured syrup, Slurpees are frozen just enough to easily come out of a soft serve machine into a cup, and up a straw. If you drink them too fast, you'll get a momentary yet agonizing brain freeze.

A wide variety of exotic flavours are available in Slurpees today such as banana split, blue raspberry, bubblegum, pina colada, and tangerine. In the old days, there were only two choices, Coca Cola and Cherry, which many kids like to mix together into a concoction known as a "suicide".

Many convenient stores sell some form of Slurpee today. They are better known in other stores as the Icee and the Slush Puppy.

This has been and still is a popular drink in America.
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Slurpee is a registered trademark of 7-Eleven store. It is once only found in the United States, are now a worldwide franchise and Slurpees are offered in many but not all covered countries.

I am drinking slurpee here^^ hehehe

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