What Is The Latent Heat Of Evaporation In Calories?


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The heat required by a matter to transform from liquid to vapors is known as latent heat of evaporation of latent heat of vaporization. It is the amount of heat required to convert unit mass of the liquid into vapors. Different liquids have different latent heat of evaporation and some examples are as follows:

Latent heat of evaporation of acetic acid is 402 kJ/kg = 96.01 cal/gram
Latent heat of evaporation of alcohol is 869 kJ/kg = 207.55 cal/gram
Latent heat of evaporation of water is 2257 kJ/kg = 539 cal/gram
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There is a difference with water between the latent heat of vaporization and the latent heat of evaporation. The latent heat of vaporization at the boiling point is 540 calories (okay, maybe 539). The latent heat of evaporation is 585 calories (some sources say 580, my Oceanography textbook (Essentials of Oceanography, ninth edition, Trujillo and Thurman, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008) says 585).

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