How many humans can live on this planet before it is considered too many for food etc to go around?


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I dont think that will happen. But i hope it does. That will leave the governments with no choice but to put allot of funding to interplanetary travel and teraforming.
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We are no were close and if we reach that max point our population will slowly decrease till we even out I say about 300 billion for that to happen. If every person stood shoulder to shoulder we would only take up the size of the city of L.A we got plenty of space so we have a lot more room to grow.
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The carrying capacity of the earth is still not certain science. That is the problem; food does not go around even when there is more than enough. Regardless of whatever we do, short of genocide, the world's population will continue to rise for a bit. Remember that we, that is just about everybody on earth, lives much longer than our ancestors.
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It is not as clear cut as the number of people /enough food to go round. Rather it is a question of fair distribution if food which in the present time is a total washout. Food is totally unfairly distributed. The west getting the lions share. Others dying because of their stolen share. This is more important than just the number of people on earth.
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I promise you that your therory will never happen for 3 reasons/.
1. Fruits and vegetables are constintly growing even w/out the help of farmers
2. McDonalds aint closing no time soon. ( trust and believe )
3. If GOD havent gave us a sign for this therory then it wont happen
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A very good answer...but. Being from what use to be known as a natrual living stae. Fla. I can tell you that fruits and vegetables will not grow in concrete, cows can not live on concrete, and God most surely said that we would live and die by toiling and dying of earth (soil). In my lifetime alone, my state can no longer produce cocoanut, out citrus groves have been overcome by urban development, out waterways clogged by runoff. Unless you were born and raised here in my time, or before me,you
Lynne Dwyer
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Would starve and die. There is very little natural citrus, there is very little farm/dairyland. And sorry to say, God gave us many signs, many just chose to ignore.
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OOOO!! Dat is VERY much so true! Lol! Then again all i can say ( because your answer was on point) is live your life to the fullest. Lol
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It depends how many people are farmers

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