Why Is Pentanol Called Amyl Alcohol?


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1-Pentanol is a type of alcohol that has five atoms of carbon. It is a clear liquid that does not possess any kind of colour but has a nasty odour. There are seven other structural isomers of pentanol, including amyl alcohol.

Amongst the five principal alcoholic fuel sources comprising of methanol, ethanol, propanol, butanol and pentanol, pentanol has the highest amount of energy as it possesses the longest link of atoms of carbon. Its can be made through the process of fractionally distilling fusel oil. It has many uses including being a solvent to coat CDs and DVDs.

Amyl alcohol is a type of organic compound and also a type of alcohol. It has eight isomers. Three of the eight isomers, one of which is active amyl alcohol, contain a carbon atom which is not symmetric.

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