Can I Get Any Food Other Than Tapas In La Linea?


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There is a huge population of expatriates living in the La Linea region of Spain, and with the betting industry being so big on the Rock of Gibraltar, people from all nationalities come to work here, living on the Spanish side of the border due to cheaper living and the beaches. There is also an African community, as Morocco is just a short trip away. This means that there are a wide variety of foods available.

Immediately over the border there is Zen's Chinese restaurant, and a MacDonald. Further along the road past MacDonald and on the opposite side are another two Chinese restaurants, and an Indian restaurant. Pasta and pizza are popular choices with Don Giovanni's in the centre of town, but possibly the best Italian is called Moltobella with hand made pasta such as pumpkin and pine nut ravioli. One of the most famous restaurants in the area is called Patagonia's; an Argentinian steak house which prepares the best steaks. The meat is cut up as you order and then grilled in an open oven.

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