What Is Your Favorite Ice Cream?

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Chris ???? Profile
Chris ???? answered
I love Neapolitan ice cream! The chocolate and vanilla is among the best I ever tasted.
But I could be persuaded.
Omer Butt Profile
Omer Butt answered
My favourites are Mango & Chocolate Ice creams & Shakes. I love them. Just ordered one Chocolate Shake & A Large mango Ice cream after looking at this question. I am really gaining weight very much around my tummy area in these vacations. But "I am loving it"- Let come more of these appetite improving questions-They are "Finger Licking Good".
emma danish Profile
emma danish answered
Oh do you know your not doing my diet any favours here every time you mention a new food i wants some spent all day thinking about m +ms when the doctor asked me how my diet was going i was like yes of course I'm sticking to it ,with a pocket full of choci wrappers!
paul williams Profile
paul williams answered
I love the sherberts, and rocky road. Depends from where also since some places don't have a very good recipe for sherberts. Baskin robbins has great sherberts and rocky roads. Also flavors like daquari ice is great. If your talking old school like thrifty's ice cream(rite-aid now) then chocolate malted crunch. Yummy. Now i got to leave to go get some. Thanks a lot. ;)
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Vannila with butter fingers in it, hot fudge and caramel poured on top and maybe some nuts and sprinkles on top! Mmmmmmmmmmmm ^_^
Alva Lipscomb Profile
Alva Lipscomb answered
Definitely banana pecan. They make the greatest floats with a Big Red soda or Coke Cola. I'll have to make a trip to Braums soon!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
My favorite ice cream is Tiger stripe. You know the one that has orange flav. And black licorice!! Mmmmmm. You are making me sooooooo hungry!!
John Profile
John answered
I like just about all ice cream but if i had to choose one it would be mint chocolate chip.
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Anonymous answered
Cookis and cream love it but hard to eat ice cream now a days due to winter :P

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