What Are You Having For Supper Tonight?


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lisa answered
My parents are out of town and I'm not much of a cook, so I guess I'll be eating a lot of oatmeal with bread pinched up in it, with milk poured over it, and a lot of cereal. They will be gone for a week. Hopefully I'll loose some weight. Cause mama fixes big suppers.
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Gee Whiz. I just got up to make me some chocolate milk, and My parents took my milk with them, to put in the travel trailer to take on vacation. They left me 20.00 for gas to go look for a job next week, and hardly any food,especially milk and chocolate. Just can't believe they done that. that really sucks.
terry rossignol
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omg you poor thing i am sorry!!!!!
Suny Day
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Sounds like a hint.
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Barbecue deer steaks and baked potato
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Katrina Ferguson
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I am a country gal I like deer and fried rabbit and fried squirrel elk moose
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That sounds awesome.. I can't wait till deer season is here!!!
Katrina Ferguson
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I hear ya we are almost out so we cannot wait till deer season gets here either
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John answered
2 skyliners with fritos corn chips and diet caffiene free coke( ice cold).
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emma danish answered
I had jacket potatoes with mayonnaise and coleslaw with beans i don't eat meat an this is my favorite along side chocolate, chocolate oh and chocolate in case i didn't mention it
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Chris ???? answered
I suppose I will have whatever is availiable. Perhaps I will have spaghetti accompanied with some toast tonight.
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I am making tacos tonight, haven't had them in a while now, got a craving for them. Mmmm
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Susan Bohl answered
I think it's going to be something simple, like grilled cheese with fresh tomatoes.  Maybe ice cream or pudding for dessert.
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Probably left over pizza.  The kitchen is being remodeled (at least around the stove and refrigerator), so no place to prepare anything and no time to go out again.  Fortunately, I do not mind left over pizza.
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I had Hamburgers with fresh onion, relish ..My kids wanted eggs (let it cook for a min) add a piece of bread in it..
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Rossi tonight i had a bowl of healthy rice with country crock spread and walnuts  LOL

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