What Toppings Do You Like On Pizza?


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Sausage (or hamburger, ham, chicken or pepperoni, in that preference order), mushrooms, black olives, white diced onions, and green or red or yellow peppers (they all taste the same, right?).

Sometimes, I'll request extra Mozzarella cheese and/or double the ingredients on a THICK crust.

Hope the above is "detailed enough," Keith.
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Extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms
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Everything and anything...well...except anchovies or olives...lol
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Pepperoni, cheese, sausage, jalapeΓ±o, ham, pineapple and i think that's it :).... Dang it now i want pizza :( 
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Everything, especially fresh garlic
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I like ham, pineapple and green pepper on my pizza. I also like Italian sausage, green pepper and onion on pizza.
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I dont like any one thing to overpower the rest so i dont like 10 toppings. Usually pepperoni, sausage & black olives.
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Sounds hot Safarii.
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I have to admit Keithold, you have the fastest replies to answers i've ever seen! Most take a very long time if at all. Wonderful quality.

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