Do You Like To Chew On Gum?


11 Answers

Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
As long as I can blow bubbles.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
No i don't like to chew gum
Mati green Profile
Mati green answered
I like gum... Until my jaw gets tired... And that always happens when I'm somewhere I cant get rid of the gum at.
BEN GREGO answered
I really like chewing gum, BUT ONLY SUGARLESS...don't need any more cavities!! I like spearmint and wintergreen best..
Sally Day Profile
Sally Day answered
Yes i do!!! The only time i don't is when i'm at school or i can't. Gum is so cool
Laura Smith Profile
Laura Smith answered
Yes they have so many cool flavors now i think it was orbit that invented the flavor "sangria Fresca" imagine that. My son introduced me to new gum. I think it freshens my mouth.
anna cancina Profile
anna cancina answered
Gum is of tha chain  man,if you are cool u looovvve!!o
oh yea gum turns (savannah) on it is has revolutionated my entire l.i.f.e!!!!!
Deary and katie loove bacons gum!!mmmmhhhmmmm

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