Which Brand Of Chewing Gum Holds It's Flavor The Longest?


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Most chewing gum manufacturers will claim in their advertising and marketing materials that they offer long-lasting flavor in every piece of gum they sell. However, in reality, some flavors do seem to last for much longer than others. One popular brand, Stride, has built an amusing ad campaign around their gum's reputed long-lasting taste. Other gums that are believed to last for a long time include Dentyne gum and Trident gum.

The flavor you choose and the formulation you pick may have some bearing on how long flavor lasts - for example, sour or strong flavors may seem to last longer, because they are more intense. However, these tastes will lessen in intensity as you chew each piece of gum. Strong mint or fruit flavors may also seem more enduring because they are so distinct. Today, chewing gum is sold in stick form, as well as in shiny little squares, or soft, chewy cubes; the larger the size of the gum piece itself, the more likely it is to have long-lasting flavor.

There are plenty of ways to confirm the long-lasting taste of any gum you buy; you can easily check customer ratings and reviews on online consumer sites, such as (among many others). Its also wise to visit these sites before you make a purchase (especially if you are buying bulk at a store such as Costco); your chances of buying a superior, long-lasting gum will increase when you know that most customers have enjoyed chewing the gum for a long period of time. Advertising will pronounce almost every brand of gum as "long-lasting"; however, experiences from customers will vary, and it's always best to try out a brand before you make a big investment in a box of chewing gum. You're pretty safe going with a brand like Stride, which makes a point of offering the longest lasting flavor - however, there are also plenty of other excellent choices in the marketplace.
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Trident gum holds flavor the best
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I think bubble yum last the longest but that's just my opinion.
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Extra chewing gum flavor last a long time. I personally like the mint chocolate chip, and besides it's sugarfree. 

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I think extra gum holds its flavor the longest
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Big red holds the flavor longest in that group but I think the gum with longest lasting flavor is "5 gum" cobalt (the blue) I get flavor out of that for hours. And it doesnt get all hard and tough to chew. But I think the longest lasting won would either be big red or cobalt
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I think the Extra Fruit Sensations last the longest. Try it out.
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I do not know I'm doing the experiment right now my 5th grade teachers helper is buying me 5 typsof gum but I think it is stride
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I am also doing this same science fair project and my what I got was that winter fresh holds it flavor the longest
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Guys my little boy is doing a test on all chewing gums possible give me a few ideas if you could so we can try them out
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Big red, that lasts like 2 mins
trident strawberry and orange stripes or like something like that
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I think its mentos because its lasted me 2 days I had this piece of gum since saterday this is monday april 26 2010 1:17pm
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The stride chewing gum is assumed to last for a very long period of time , however no commercial claim has been made. See the link below for more details:

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