What Cereal Is Your Personal Favorite?


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Mike Johnson Profile
Mike Johnson answered
Fruity pebbles.  Thanks for the question kiddo:)
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Michelle Phy
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OMG! Your here? I miss being called kiddo :( I miss your humor (sniffle) I like fruit loops & cocoa puffs. I guess i'm just a fruit loopin cocoa puffin kinda girl :)
cuk  saka Profile
cuk saka answered
Honey crisp mmm yummy
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Michelle Phy
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Those are good. Now i'm hungry. Thanks a lot!! :)
cuk  saka
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Yeah im friggin starving its 3:16pm and ive only had one tiny piece of toast all day
jacques slabouz Profile
jacques slabouz answered
I'm into the Frosted flakes now..(I add more sugar)...but all time would be fruity pebbles or capn' crunch with strawberries...lol
Mark Brookshire Profile
Mark Brookshire answered
(1) My favorite is actually called Favorite (Honey Bunches of Oats) by Favorite foods...
(2) I love Granola Cereals by Quaker Oats...Mmmm Granola Bars...
(3) Rice Krispies by Kelloggs...Mmmm Kristie bars...
(4) I hate Sugar combs, Fruit Loops, and Cheerios are getting worse...
Alice cullen Profile
Alice cullen answered
I love fruit loops and Cinnamon Toast Crunch!!! All-time Faves!
Justin Darkly Profile
Justin Darkly answered
Strong Heart with Antioxidants. It takes forever to get soggy so the flakes are crunchy even to the last flake. I don't like the super sweet cereals. Never have.

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