Why are some people so hyperactive? Too much sugar or are they generally like that?


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For some peeps it's too much sugar, others are just like that
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It could be the sugar rush or just some people like my friend are hyper all the time and have to keep busy doing something all the time.She complains about being stressed out and i think she's forgotten how to relax and chill out.
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With some people it could be sugar, or some other food or drink that can make them hyperactive. Some people with a nervous condition, or a chemical imbalance, can also suffer with hyperactivity.A lot of people that are like that, can be very creative.
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Maxine Chan
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Haha I am like that with friends and my bf:) It must be the sugar rush or the chemical imbalance.. One of those lol.
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Some peeps are just like that..(like my brother!) he is much more hyper than meeee and everyweek he is a new superhero (this week its hulk) , sugar doesnt really make u go tht hyper maybe a little bit  but its been proven that sugar actually doesnt do anything...

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