Why do people like to drink? Don't they think it's creepy that they're basically poisoning themselves?


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Ray Ottewell answered
Doctor say that one or two, alcoholic drinks a day is actually beneficial for your health, that includes most alcohol,but especially red wine. Any more than two has the opposite effect, the people that go out and binge drink once or twice a week, are doing there self a lot of long term harm even if they don't drink every day, and many become alcoholics. Once people start drinking heavy it is hard to stop, and puts them on a downward track, its like a drug and they get addicted to it.
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Over here in Britain it's part of the social structure and plays a big part in social networking and business.Advertising plays a big part in drinking as does peer pressure among the younger drinkers.
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Arthur Wright answered
Because many think it actually chases their problems away or takes them out of reality for a bit but never solves anything and more times than not causes even more problems itself
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Duane Bryant answered
For some it's part of a social culture.  Some think it's a sign of maturity rather than being of a certain age.  Some use it instead of sleeping pills.  Some use it to treat mental or physical pain.  In most people, alcoholism is not a disease, but like most addictions, a symptom.  You can treat alcoholism, but it's like treating a sore throat when you have the flu.  You can make the symptom disappear (which makes you feel better), but the flu is still there.  Once you get the alcoholism symptom to disappear, then you need to treat the underlying cause.

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