Waffles or pancakes? Which do you prefer?


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Freshly made waffles are the best! (The frozen kind don't count!)

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Pancakes. Nom :)

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Waffles. Specifically Belgian waffles.

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Phil Newton answered

Choosing between waffles and pancakes is a difficult task.  After all, they're made from pretty much the same ingredients.  I think I prefer pancakes, however, and I'll tell you why below.

Why pancakes are better than waffles

I can't help but think that pancakes are one the world's best foods.  They're eaten by millions of people for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and even special occasions.

Likewise, waffles are consumed by a lot of people at a variety of different times in the day.  There is a difference, however, and that's all about childhood memories.

One of my favourite sights when I was a kid was coming home from school to see my mother making a batch of pancake mix.  Alongside the mix would be a variety of toppings including maple syrup, jams, and the good old classic, sugar and lemon.

I'd love every second of my pancake eating as a kid.  What wasn't to love? It smelt amazing and tasted even better.

What about waffles?

I do enjoy waffles.  I will often order them if they're on a restaurant's menu, but they just don't hold that little magic of childhood memories.  For that reason, I prefer pancakes to waffles.

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Pan cake

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