After seeing Walter's pics, which kind of fries do you prefer? Fresh cut, curly, crinkle cut, waffle or other?


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I prefer fresh cut, with the skins left on.

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Well my friend M&M (Mountain Man) . . I do so love the fresh cut fries with the peel still on them.

I used to get them at the County Fair every year, but "Five Guys" does a marvelous job. Russet potatoes fried in Peanut oil if you please.

If you want some really great fries at home, but do not want the mess of dragging out your fryer . . Might I suggest "Trader Joes" fresh cut French Fries . . . For a frozen French Fry they really are fantastic!

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Mountain  Man
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If you ever have a chance to eat at Primanti Bros., they have good fresh cuts. They are based in Pittsburgh, but there is one near my daughter's house in Altoona.
Darik Majoren
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Been thinking about making a trip next fall to go to that Haunted Prison Attraction you guys have around Philadelphia PA, so I will put it on my list.
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I'm not picky but they can't be spicy, they have to be fresh and only a few.... So I have to have some ones to share with me! 😊

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