What is the best halloween candy to give out? I know ideally it's the king size bars but what do kids really want to grab at the door?


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Brian Scott Profile
Brian Scott answered

I will be making pumpkin spiders with my aunt. We don't get too many trick or treaters here so I'll probably just end up eating them myself lol

Yo Kass Profile
Yo Kass answered

Great question! I'm also trying to solve this problem too.

I wanted to do something original and creative, but I'm not sure what..

I was thinking of giving out traditional candy, but then also including spooky stickers or something like that...

Another ideas was to make a green gunky looking drink, pour it into a cauldron, and offer that to trick or treaters. I wasn't sure about that idea because I was worried parents might not like their kids drinking some concoction that a stranger brewed in their own home!

What about cupcakes? Everyone loves cupcakes!

Brenda Everett Profile
Brenda Everett answered

I don't think kids are too fussy in this instance. Free candy is free candy. Using a cauldron is a good idea though

Britt Ross Profile
Britt Ross answered

Give out quarters instead, then you dont have to worry about them getting sick from your donation and they can get whatever they want.

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