Can you drink tequila when sick?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

All depends on if and what youre taking for your illness as most meds don't mix well with Liquor and it could make you even worse so if on meds, don't drink any Liquor

Yo Kass Profile
Yo Kass , ex-barman extraordinaire , answered

I'd say drinking a little tequila in moderation probably won't harm you unless you're already taking another form of medication for your illness.

Many people believe drinking alcohol can actually help cure a cold for example, and this is true to an extent...

Booze can act in the same way a painkiller does, it soothes physical pain, and relaxes your muscles.

However, alcohol will also weaken your immune system, so you could end up feeling less crappy, but for longer!

Personally, I think the key isn't just the tequila - it's the ingredients that you combine it with.

Personally, I like a nice daiquiri with fresh lime and agave syrup (hold the cointreau, thanks).

You could also try out a drink called El Diablo:

- Tequila

- Creme de Cassis

- Lime juice

- Topped with ginger ale

Brenda Everett Profile
Brenda Everett answered

Drinking alcohol when you are unwell sounds like a very bad idea to me. How do you expect to recover when your body is given the extra burden of dealing with a hangover too?

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