What Does Mocha Mean?


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Mocha initially referred to the premium quality dark coffee made from the beans of Arabia. The mocha refers to fine coffee beans grown in Arabia and shipped from the sea-port of Mocha in Yemen. The strong, bitter quality of coffee is still available but it was not as popular in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Mocha coffee has the taste of chocolate without the presence of an actual chocolate in it. Mocha in today's times refers to a beverage made of hot coffee and chocolate. The tasty combination is used in desserts, ice-creams, sweet sauces and candies. A Mocha ice-cream for instance means an ice-cream with the flavour of chocolate and coffee. Incidentally mocha also refers to a soft glove prepared from goatskin or sheepskin.
Mocha is a type of coffee of a very fine quality, a drink made from this coffee with chocolate added.

It also means a soft leather made from sheep skin. It is a port in Yeman from where the coffee and leather were first shipped

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