What Does Pie Mean?


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Pie is a delicious, mouth-watering treat that you put into your mouth and eat.

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A pie is a "pastry or a tart." It is a food which is contained in a pastry shell baked with meat, cheese, fruit or other ingredients. The pie is usually known to be covered at the top with a pastry crust. Pie can also imply a layered cake with custard or cream filling
The idiom "pie in the sky" refers to an eye-wash or empty promises. Similarly the idiom "eating a humble pie" means "admitting to mistakes." Pie was also the monetary unit used formerly in India and Pakistan. Pie also implied an almanac or a calendar of services used in the English Church before the Reformation period. Pie is also believed to be an ancient unrecorded language that was the antecedent of all Indo-European languages.

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