Where Is The Closest Golden Corral To Massachusetts?


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The Golden Corral is a restaurant chain that first opened in North Carolina in the early 1970's. It has grown over the years and spread across many of the southern states in America. They are known for their buffet style dining experience, fresh food, and yummy desserts. They are also famous for seafood, steaks, and southern comfort food such as chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. If you live in the Massachusetts area, you may have quite a drive to get to a Golden Corral, as there is not a Golden Corral restaurant in the state.

If you just absolutely have to have a meal from the Golden Corral, your very best bet is to drive due south. You'll have to drive through the entire state and through the state of New York into the state of Maryland to satisfy your urge. Once in Maryland navigate to the city of Hanover where you will find a Golden Corral on 7047 Arundel Mills Boulevard. If you decide to drive a little further south you'll find a large number of the chain restaurants in the state of Virginia, and as you go further south you'll find an abundance of the chain the further you go.

If you are a fan of southern cooking and live north of the Mason-Dixon line, your options are rather limited in this area. Check out all of the restaurants in your area to see if you can find a place that serves the food you crave. If you cannot find one that satisfies your urges, take a drive south and stock up on to-go orders while you are there. Another solution is to search the internet or your local library and find the recipes and ingredients you need to make for your favorite dishes and learn how to make them yourself.
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is there a Golden Corral restaurant in Minnesota

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Is golden coral in springfield ma opened

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