What Is Included On A Falafel Plate?


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Many Lebanese and other Middle-Eastern restaurants in the West offer the option of buying falafel in the form of a plate, rather than simply wrapped in pita bread. When it is served as a dish, the meal will include the falafel balls, made from chick peas, fava beans and sesame seeds, as well as various types of salads. In Lebanese restaurants, it is most common to serve falafel with parsley salad, which also includes diced tomatoes, as well as green salad, usually made from Iceberg lettuce, beets, pickles, pickled hot peppers and a side serving of hummus, or tahina (pureed sesame seeds). In some cases, you will also be provided with sour cream, or it may be drizzled over the falafel.

In addition to these sides, some restaurants will also provide customers with pickled cucumbers, pink tinted turnips and even eggplant paste. It is also customary to provide pita bread with a falafel plate. This is a very hearty meal and, best of all, it can be consumed by vegetarians, and often even vegans, alike.

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