Jaffa Cakes: cake or biscuit?


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A Jaffa Cake is a cake.

This question was actually answered in court by the UK's tax revenue department, HMRC.

According to British law, when a biscuit is covered in chocolate, it becomes subject to 17.5% VAT tax.

To avoid this levy, the company who makes Jaffa Cakes (McVities UK) were forced to defend their claim that Jaffa Cakes are a cake in court.

How did they prove it?

They applied a very scientific test.

As we all know, when cakes are left out for a long time - they begin to go hard.

If you leave a biscuit out of the biscuit tin over night, it begins to turn soft.

When applying this to a Jaffa Cake, it behaves as a cake would be expected to and turns hard.

This was the deciding factor in the court case, which is why the price of a Jaffa cake is 17.5% less than if it were a biscuit.

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Going to have to go with cake on this one after the legal battle but with that, that it is miniature in stature and often gets placed with biscuits at like small school events so technically a cake but can get away with being a biscuit.

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Yes but what do you really think the food is? Dont just go with what other people say, go with what you think XD
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Good point dude personally before I discovered the answer legal battle I would have thought that Jaffa cakes are biscuits but that is a testament to how derpy I am

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