What's your favorite wine?


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Lard Ass answered

I don't drink much wine, but when I do, pink moscato has been my favorite! I'm a beer kinda gal....oh and pizza!

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ly fen chen answered

One of my favorite wine is French red wine which is good and if we can only drink a cup of it every day, it's good for the health. But I seldom drink it myself only occasionally drinking it with family. As I know that drinking a lot of wine is bad, but if we can keep drinking it a little per day, then it is a benefit for the health.

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Antinori - Solaia Toscana 1997

this one is my favourite wine  www.flaskfinewines.com/wines/Antinori-Solaia-Toscana-1997-w7

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Chips Ters answered

For me, Georgian wines have always been a favorite. I don’t know why, but I liked them the most, the only negative in these wines is that the bottles are very tightly closed and it is inconvenient to open them. I always had to make an effort, and my girlfriend could never open the bottle on her own. I found a way out of this situation. To be more precise, I bought here such a cool corkscrew on Amazon -https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MS9P6MJ?language=en_US

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