What If You Accidentally Freeze Your Wine?


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While freezing wine does change the character of the wine there seems to be differing opinion about the ability and result of freezing wine. Many say that they freeze wine and find no ill effects to the wine. However, the freezing process may cause your cork to push out and you may have wine where you do not want it. So, I would say not to worry about the freezing of your wine as far as the use-ability of it. Drink to your hearts content. Take Care & Good luck.
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Ok, so this is what happens...when you freeze wine, the H2O particles consolidate from liquid to ice leaving only the alcoholic substances.
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It must not be a very good bottle of wine. Alcohol would only freeze at subaero, or somewhere around there. You may have left the bottle standing, Always lay wine on it's side. If it did actually freeze, it may still be drinkable, but the taste and body would be less than desirable.
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It will lose some of it's taste.
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When wine is frozen the alcohol portion will not freeze; therefore, what you strain will be alcohol. I haven't tried drinking the strained portion but I am certain it's effects will be much stronger than when diluted with the rest of the wine.
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What I would do is fill a bucket with hot water then put the bottle in it for a few minutes... Then it will defrost!!

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