Why can't teens buy alcohol?


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Same reason why it's a crime to drive without a license-

Same reason why you can't buy cigs

Unless your 18 -

Laws make it a crime -

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If I was in charge, I'll make it forbidden for adults too. It's ridiculous to drink something all harm consciously that kills your mind! It's even worst if a child does that.

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Because they have to be 19+  in Canada or 21+  in the USA. .

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The biggest reason here is since you aren't legally an Adult , you cant be held responsible for your actions and maturity researches have shown teens are not mature enough to handle the effects of alcohol under any situation  so with both combined, teens are NOT allowed to purchase alcohol

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Because there are laws that make it a crime to sell alcohol to people under 21. Sales to underage patrons can lead to revocation of liquor license, stiff fines and jail. 

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You can thank the many generations of teens that came before you who proved more than sufficiently that alcohol is simply too great a threat to allow teenagers access to. Laws were written and passed to protect young people from the damage that alcohol can cause to those too immature to handle it.
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I was one of those for sure
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Oh ok thanks
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Teens don't make the best decisions when they are sober, what makes you think adding alcohol to the mix would make it better? Not only that but there have been studies that show the earlier one starts drinking the more likely they are going to have a drinking problem later.

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