How many times a day do you eat? Only at meals, or do you snack in between?


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I eat a hearty breakfast, light lunch, coffee and snack around 2:00 and then eat a healthy dinner. I usually have fruit for a snack at 8 or 9 PM.

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I usually eat some yogurt for breakfast and sometimes a light salad for lunch. Not a big lunch person. Then in late afternoon, I try to make something healthy to eat for Supper. I don't snack much at all any more as most of them aren't good for you. I will eat an apple or peach sometimes during the day though.

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3 meals. Rarely ever snack between them. 

If i had it my way.. I would only eat 1 meal per day at around 3pm like I did at my parents but where I'm living now.. I have to eat 3 meals per day.... I absolutely hate breakfast food.

but luckily... The people im living with mostly eat vegetarian food so I'm not too picky with what they give me. (pork and sea animals would have been been my biggest complaints but they have an Adventist background so they don't eat pork and other animals that are considered unclean) Although we do eat beef, turkey, and chicken sometimes.

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As a diabetic I should be eating breakfast but I can't handle any kind of food in the morning.  I generally eat a light lunch around 11:30, then I eat dinner about 5:30. It's by no means very big meal but more then lunch. Then around 9:00 or 10:00 I have a small snack.  This helps keep my blood sugar from dropping too much at night.

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My meals are very irregular.
I don't usually eat breakfast at all on weekdays, except for a late breakfast during the weekends, if I'm lucky enough to find anything.
I skip lunch at school sometimes... During the weekends, I eat a very big lunch.
I don't typically eat dinner unless I'm really hungry or I skipped lunch. By then, it's probably around 9-10pm... I eat snacks while I'm doing homework sometimes, but rarely.

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I eat a lot at the beginning of the week and nothing else for the rest of it. I have an eating disorder, not to lose weight because I'm pretty skinny.

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It depends on my day. Sometimes I will go all day without eating until dinner time. Other days I will have 3 square meals, an other days I will graze all day long. I know it isn't healthy, but I haven't been able to get my life on a schedule for awhile. Hopefully I can re-establish a schedule soon and eat regular meals at regular times. I know what I am doing so far from healthy.

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I've been eating one meal very late at night every two days.

it's not even a meal just something small. Thanks depression.

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Dakota  Mackenzie
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That's all I've been eating, yes :/ I've been working to eat more because friends have been concerned. Thank you, a lot... I really do appreciate it. I'm lame and the comment you left actually made me cry, I haven't really had help in awhile.

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