Is it just me or does frozen freezer aisle pizza taste awful these days?


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Frozen pizza is almost always disappointing. I stopped buying it years ago. Eat fresh - hey, even Dominos is better.

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It's good if you like eating cardboard ! I don't care much for eating cardboard as it's tasteless and even looks phony. Real well made pizza anytime !

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I've tried a few pre-made frozen pizza brands  since 2010 and they tasted awful!. I remember before 2010 some of them were just OK but now they have a burnt brown sugar taste which is really gross.

Delissio and Mccain used to be my 2 favorites until 2009-2010. Other brands have also changed. they are so gross now.. and the sauce tastes bad too.

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Yo Kass
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I hear ya on this! Freezing pizzas just doesn't seem to work, I dunno if it's just that our tastes have changed over time or what...but these days frozen pizzas all seem so unappealing.

Having said that, when I'm hungry I can devour pretty much anything and think it tastes great!

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