If you could have any type of cake made fresh for you, what would it be?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Yellow cake with light chocolate frosting ! Yum ! Especially if the frosting is malted !

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German Chocolate made from scratch. No cake mix!! There is something about a scratch made German Chocolate Cake. I think it's the whipped egg whites.

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Nice Girl answered

Chocolava cake! Yummm!

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Tres leches .

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I want to have the same Red Velvet cake that we had at my wedding. That was the most moist cake I have ever had with a European buttercreme icing. Mmmmmm soo good!

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Ancient Hippy answered

The post mistress in my little town used to make me a chocolate mayonnaise cake with white cream cheese icing every year for my birthday. The cake was almost black and the moistest cake I've ever seen. Alas, she retired and moved to Alaska last year.

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yeahsure linda
yeahsure linda commented
This is a full size recipe so you can 1/2 it or save it for another cake. Or just eat it
Buttercream frosting
1 cup softened unsalted butter
3-4 cups sifted powered sugar
1 Tble vanilla
3-4 Tble cream
1/4 tsp salt
Beat butter 1 min, turn mixer off add 2 cups of sugar, turn mixer on low add vanilla & 2 Tbls cream, & salt after it's combined add 1-2 more cups sugar turn mixer to med mix 3 min. If its to stiff add more cream. Mix til light & fluffy don't over mix
yeahsure linda
yeahsure linda commented
Enjoy, I only had as a single layer like in a brownie pan. I think a layer cake might fall apart but you could bouble the recipe & try it. I don't usually eat frosting but whipped cream on it is yummy
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
Cool, thanks. Believe me, the extra won't go to waste.
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Jessica Mills answered

Fruit cake! It's really hard to find fresh and delicious fruit cake, with fresh fruits I mean. I would like some of that deliciousness  ^.^

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