Which soda has the most fizz?


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Dr pepper or mountain dew

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Charles Davis
Charles Davis commented
I always thought Mt Dew was a bit flat, but then again i don't drink it very often. However Dr Pepper is fizzier than most other carbonated drinks. Even the bottlers that I've done work for has said they have to jack up the carbonation when switching to mske it
K. B.  Baldwin
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Dr pepper rules!
Charles Davis
Charles Davis commented
That's pretty much the only soda I drink, Dr Pepper. However I do like Coke with my bourbon LOL
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Seek Kolinahr answered

Squirt and Fresca.

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Tom Jackson answered

While looking for a good link I came across this one---Not on point, but definitely answered something I've always wondered about.

As to your question "specifically," here's a "general" answer. (Sorry about that.)

The Solubility of carbon dioxide in the basic solution that composes the drink will determine how much is dissolved in a specific drink. 

And also, the different pressures and temperatures will affect the rate at which the carbon dioxide comes out of solution thereby giving the illusion of different "fizziness" of a given drink.

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