Has anyone tried Dickey's Texas BBQ? I just had one move in locally and tried it yesterday and the brisket was great ! Have you tried them?


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Ancient Hippy answered

Yep. We have a Dicky's a couple of towns over from me and I've eaten there a few times. My son had them cater a family picnic a few years ago. In my opinion, there is none better.

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I haven't eaten there but I see there are several in the PHX area.  I will try it.  My favorite is Rudy's Barbeque.  Have you tried them?

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Oh my gosh, Mr. C. We just found that place about 6 months ago. It's my new favorite place. Everything is good. I got back on Southern sweet tea because of them. Even the soft serve tastes like someone hand churned it! I am a very picky eater. That's why I cook. I can't find the quality like I can make at home. Dickey's is my only exception. I just can't make BBQ that good. Now I'm hungry!

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dragonfly forty-six
I'm going to go over the weekend. I'm glad they got one your way. Everyone should have access to a Dickey's. It's life changing!! Lol!!!
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
I bought too much and ate it for two days. Loved the fried Okra and I usually don't eat fried food! :)
dragonfly forty-six
Yep, the beauty of Dickey's is everything is good. I have not had a bad thing there yet. I haven't tried the okra. But I will there.

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